Installed Roofing

Types of roofing we install:


  • Standard 3 Tab -


   These are the most common shingles. They carry a 20 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • 25 Year 3 Tab - Identical to standard 3 tab, but slightly thicker. 25 year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Architectural -


These are the 'designer' shingles. They have a heavily textured appearance. They carry

a 30-40 year manufacturer's warranty, depending on the brand and style.

Single Ply / Modified:


  • This system is designed for low-slope and flat roofs. It is made up of modified asphalt and synthetic materials with a fiberglass matting. The system we use is a self-adhesive base and cap sheet combination. This system is actually twice as thick as conventional single-ply systems and has a 15 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • This system is safer to install than conventional single ply which uses a torch (right on your roof!!!) or hot tar to apply. No torches or hot tar with our system!!
  • The material comes in smooth surface or granulated. The granulated comes in several basic colors to match most shingle roofs. The smooth surface is better suited for flat roofs.

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