Wood Repair Services

Rotted wood is one of the most common problems homeowners will face. Some common areas to find rotted, soft, or water damaged wood are:

  • Windowsills
  • At the bottom of exterior door jambs
  • Lap siding or cornerboards
  • Fascia / soffit (under or behind gutters)
  • Roof boards
  • Flooring / floor joists

The #1 cause of rotted wood is (are you ready for this?)... moisture!! Pretty profound, I know. But seriously, some causes of that moisture are:

  • Caulk joint failure
  • Poor or aged paint job
  • Leaking gutters
  • Leaking roof (a lot of times it is toe-board holes that are not sealed)
  • Plumbing leaks


Wall / floor damage from plumbing leak                           Some underlying damage to framing members


Repairs in progress                                                         Almost finished

It is my professional opinion based on years of experience that most homeowners have one or more of these conditions and may not even know it! Even owners of brand new homes are not exempt. Unfortunately there is not a lot of pride being taken in the modern homebuilding trade. Quality construction has yielded to production demands.


Deck Repair Before                                                      Deck Repair After

Another cause of wood damage is insects (ants and termites mostly). They can cause just as much damage as moisture and sometimes more! Again, a lot of times people have insect damage and don't know it.

  People usually find out about their wood damage when:

  • They have their house painted
  • They have a new roof installed
  • They have their house inspected for sale or purchase

Who you get to repair your house is an important decision. Do they know how to fix it right? Will their repairs meet any applicable building codes? If their repairs fail do they have liability coverage? If their repairs fail will you be able to find them? All valid questions for sure.

We have a 100% track record and are well experienced in all types of repairs. From the very small cosmetic repair, to very complex structural repairs, we can do it all. Don't let some so called 'handyman' put some wood putty or caulk and paint over rotted wood on your house. I've seen homeowners that paid good money to have this done! Wood will continue to rot once it has started. It needs to be cut out and replaced. If you have any questions about any home repair, call us! Visit our Contact Us page for details.