Windows are an important component of your home. They add beauty, daylight and warmth. But windows can be a source of problems if not maintained and upgraded when necessary.


Most modern windows are virtually maintenance free, but all windows need occasional maintenance. Some you just have to keep clean, but older wood windows need more attention. The main thing about wood windows is to keep them caulked, glazed, and painted. Unfortunately one of the most common areas for wood rot is around windows. If you find damage to your windowsills, trim, frame, or sashes Contact Us! We are well experienced in all types of window repairs. But sometimes it makes more sense to replace old, worn out rotted windows with modern replacements.


When it is time for new windows we can help! We install all kinds of new, modern, energy-efficient vinyl windows. Windows can be custom made to match your exact window sizes, and can be ordered with double or triple pane sashes. Vinyl windows look great, are easy to clean, don't need paint, and save energy! Contact Us today for a window consultation!

New Installations

You may want to add a window where you don't currently have one. Be careful!! Cutting a window in an existing wall can be very dangerous! Don't let just anyone attempt this. Some walls are load bearing and require special code conforming construction to add a door or window. Don't worry, we have the expertise and experience to handle the job right. Contact Us today for a consultation.